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  • Tabletop games
  • Strategy games
  • Pen-and-paper role play games

Also HEX and colored!


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Quadratic Grid Paper

Four-sides grid graph paper

Inch grid

o Book of Heroes - Steam Page & Comic [2019-10-14]

The Steam page for The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes is up, offering some English information. Also the first two pages of a Book of Heroes comic are available, here and here.

o Indivisible - Review @ COG [2019-10-12]

COG checked out Indivisible: Indivisible Review – Mind Over Matter Indivisible Review Way back in 2015, when the world was still twerking to Uptown Funk!, Lab Zero Games, developers of the hit game Skullgirls, put together an IndieGoGo campaign for a brand new project....

o General News - Top 50 RPGs in 2019 [2019-10-14]

RPS has made a list of the 50 best RPGs, in their opinion, that are still playable today. Look! A ranking of the 50 best RPGs on PC. I know, you never asked for this, but here it is. It is 100 percent correct, we double-checked. The RPG is a broad and deep sea and fishing out the best games from its characterful waters is no easy task....

o Stygian - RPG Codex Review [2019-10-12]

Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones has been reviewed by RPG Codex. Controversial FeaturesThe first controversial decision you'll notice is that there is no manual saving; only ten rolling autosaves and save-and-quit (which are also part of the roll, so they can be lost)....

o Bloom - New Kickstarter [2019-10-11]

The development of Bloom has been challenging and in order to try and get the last stretch of the game done the developer has decided to launch a new Kickstarter campaign, asking for $6.500, which will allow new backers to help make this game see the light of day....

o VtM: Bloodlines 2 - The Unseen [2019-10-11]

The fifth and last faction in Bloodlines 2, The Unseen, have been made public. Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 The Unseen Faction Reveal Paradox Interactive has revealed a the fifth and final faction in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 – The Unseen....

Inch-Graph-Paper: Quadratic Grid Paper Four-sides grid graph paper Inch grid. Gamer paper. Graph paper. Quadratic inch grid on large paper, size A1. Inch grid for tabletop, stategy and pen and paper role play games. Graphpaper. Paper for Gaming Inch, quadratic, grid, paper, graph paper, inch, four-sided, playarea, A1, large, gamer, graphpaper, gaming


Empfohlen für: A Game of Thrones, Aberrant, Aces & Eights, After the Bomb, Aftermath, Agone, Albedo, Alternity, Arcanis, Arianrhod, Ars Magica, Attack of the Humans, BattleDragons, Beyond the Supernatural, Bifrost, Blackwatch, Blood of Heroes, Blue Planet, Blue Rose, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Call of Cthulhu, Castle Falkenstein, Changeling: The Dreaming, Changeling: The Lost, Conspiracy X, CORPS, Cthulhu, Cthulhutech, Cyberspace, d20 Modern, D6 Space, d6 System, Dangerous Journeys, Daredevils, Dark Ages (World of Darkness), Dark Conspiracy, DC Heroes, Deadlands, Demon: The Fallen, D&D, Dogs in the Vineyard, Dragon Age, Dragon Warriors, DragonQuest, DragonRaid, Dragonstar, Draug, Dungeon World, Dungeons and Dragons, Dzikie Pola, Earthdawn, Eclipse Phase, Elfquest, Empire of the Petal Throne, Everquest, Fading Suns, Faith RPG, Fantasy Craft, Fantasy Hero, Fate of the Norns, FATE RPG, Fiasco RPG, Fireborn, Forgotten Futures, Gamma World, Genesys, GUMSHOE System, GURPS, HackMaster, Halcyon, Heroes Unlimited, HeroQuest, Hidden Kingdom, Iron Kingdoms, Ironclaw, L5R, Legend of the Five Rings, Lejendary Adventure, Little Fears, Living Steel, Macross II, Mage: The Ascension, Mage: The Awakening, Marvel Super Heroes, MechWarrior, Midgard RPG, Mistborn, Mouse Guard, Mummy: The Resurrection, Munchkin, Mutant, Mutant Gen Lab Alpha, Necroscope, Nephilim, Neuroshima, Night of the Ninja, Nightbane, Paranoia, Pathfinder, Pendragon, Promethean The Created, Rifts, Risus, RuneQuest, Savage Worlds, Scion, Seventh Sea, Shadowrun, Space 1889, Spycraft, Stormbringer, The Black Company, The Dark Eye, TWERPS, Vampire, Warcraft, Warhammer, Wiedzmin, WitchCraft